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zodiac signs by names
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How To Name Your Baby According To Sun Sign?

Right after the birth of your child, there arises an important question, what to name the baby? And these days, the names are to be fixed soon. But there are quite a lot of factors involved while deciding a baby name. Thoughts that trickle down your mind are – will it match with the surname? Or will your chosen name gel with the baby’s personality once he or she grows up? Another factor that needs mention is the fateful aspect of your kid’s sun sign that will guide and shape your kid’s personality. Even though you have faith in it or not, but astrology plays a vital role in name selection. Just as right names can lead you to a bright future, similarly, wrong names can droop you down. So, it is essential to choose for zodiac signs by names.

Some Of The Zodiac Signs By Names

Zodiac signs by names definitely differ from one another because different signs possess different characteristic traits. Let us get into the details of it.

Aries symbolize “the ram”, dated from March 21 – April 19. Aries have a lot of confidence in them and love to enjoy independence. They are believed to have a competitive mind, are focused in their work and passionate about anything they love doing. Such bold characteristics demand a weighty name like “Alexander” meaning, ‘protector and savior of mankind.’ Another classy choice can be “Bernard” which means ‘brave as a bear.’ Coming to girls, the French name Andrea also represents ‘bravery.’ Briana an Irish name suggests to ‘someone fearless.’ Since the first of the zodiac signs Aries are born on the mellow spring, they are filled with energy, enthusiasm and momentum. Click the link for Rashi by date of birth Calculator.


Taurus symbolizing “the bull” are to born in between April 20 – May 20. Taureans are very patient and rational. They have a strong urge for creativity and are sophisticated in their tastes. “Kesia” meaning ‘earth bound’ is apt for this elegant yet grounded sign. Other suitable names can be Ethan, a Hebrew word meaning ‘strong willed’ and Damon, Greek in origin, meaning ‘to tame.’ For girls, the Irish name Connelly is apt. This means ‘love and friendship’, hinting at the friendly and reliable qualities of Taurus.


Gemini denote “the twins” and are dated on May 21 – June 21. This sun sign is deeply associated with the intelligence, sharpness, ambition and wit. They are said to be charming, manipulative and charismatic figures. The names that can gel with Gemini are Dexter meaning ‘skillful’, Clark ‘scholar or priest’ in French and Latin. For girls, Sophia can be a good choice which denotes ‘wisdom.’ Geminis are quick thinkers and love to read and write. Click the links to see Rashi name by date of birth Calculator.


Cancer or “the crab” dates between June 22 – July 22. Since cancers are most sensitive and caring toward mankind, names aligned to softness, gentleness and sooth will go well. Anna is a good name meaning ‘grace’ and for boys, Henry means ’home ruler.’ Adele means ‘noble, kind and tender’ which is again a girly name. Halle can perhaps be the best because of its close association with compassion, sensitivity and gentility.


As the name suggests, it is “the lions”, and they are generally proud, courageous, and ready to defend themselves in all situations. Raina (queen) and Rex (king) can be suited for your tender cubs. They are believed to possess a strong creative skill and can have anger management issues because of their energetic and enthusiastic nature. Click the links to see Rashi according to date of birth Calculator.


Virgos or “the virgin” are thought provoking, considerate, hardworking and takes a lot of pride in helping others and strives to do the best they can in which ever work they put their hand to. Names like Emery meaning ‘industrious leader’, Galen meaning ‘tranquil’, Fredrick meaning ‘peaceful ruler’, Clara meaning ‘bright’ and Serena meaning ‘peaceful and serene’ are the best options.


Libra or “the scales” are born during September 23 – October 23. They have a keen eye for art and beauty and are excellent in developing professional connections. Kids bearing the sun sign of Libra are diplomatic and sophisticated. Names that can go with Libra kids are as follows: Basil (regal), Naor (cultured and enlightened), Ziva (brilliance), and Diana (divinity).
These baby names are sure to give your kids the right click in their future. Also the names are enigmatic enough and possibly will be liked by the toddlers once they grow up.

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