Vrisha rashi in English

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Vrisha rashi in English
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Great Impact Of Vrisha Rashi

The Sanskrit name of Vrisha rashi is Virshabha. The Virsha rashi is the 2nd zodiac sign. Generally, it is an earth sign.  Vrisha rashi in English is also known as Taurus. The people who have this sign are very attractive. They have charming nature, medium height, beautiful eyes, attractive face, fair skin tone and sparkling teeth. This rashi contains two charans of Mrigshira Nakshatras. It also contains three charans of Rohini and also Krittika. Most of the people have round face, curly hair, and thick neck. Most of the people have a scar on their face. Generally, they are slow workers but they are completely steady.

Features Of Vrisha Rashi:-

Generally, the people who have Virsha rashi love old traditions very much. They lose their temperature rarely. In that case, when he is doing that he does not care about impacts. They have serious nature. They make many new friends easily. Their behavior is pleasurable. Their self confidence is very high. They do any work very efficiently. They love jewelry and unique clothes. They love music very much. They are very practical as well as hard working. Taurus-borns love good food very much. They want a good life always. They want to taste yummy foods. They are very loyal to their loved ones. They are very attached to their profession, work, project, friends etc. click this link to see Rashi name by date of birth calculator.

Taurus hates the change of idea. They are very determined in nature. They are very willing and happy. Also, they have patient as well as sincere in the work. They have an ability to complete the full project. It is very difficult to change the mind of Taurus-borns. Most of the people are lazy. This character irritates their partners. Most of the people are over possessive. They are excellent lovers. They provide value to their partners over everything. Basically, the meaning of Virsha is Bull. They have amazing tolerance power. They are obedient to their parents. They believe in religion and they love their family very much. They have proper digestion system. They will love to stay happy in any situation. They are prone to a cough and cold. They seldom fall sick. They properly maintain their friends, relatives, families, children etc. Click here for Rashi according to date of birth

Some vital features are,                  

          Birth-stone –  Vrisha rashi in English need White Topaz, Diamond and also White Sapphire etc.

          Birth color –  Taurus-borns need to use white and pink color.

          Best sign for partner – They should choose the partner who has Scorpio or Virgo. It will be perfect match.

          Qualities –  The people who have Virsha rashi have self-reliance, practicality, persistence and stability nature.

           Symbol –  The symbol of the Taurus is bull.

           Symbol means– It denotes obstinacy, aggression and lazy attitude. They have also violent energy.

Characteristics  Of  Virsha Rashi:-

          Health – Taurians have proper health condition. They are less sensitive to pains. They will never admit physical disabilities. They suffer from cold and cough problem. Their recovery power is slow. When they fall ill, they suffer for a long time. Most of the Taurians are prone to tonsils, diphtheria, neck problem etc. They also suffer from eyesore and pimple problems. As age increased, people will suffer from plethora, constipation and other difficulties.

          Finance – These people have the ability to save money. They have very much patience. Insistence is the basic nature of the people. They are saving money for their bad time. They have very good mind. They will easily get money from other. They never take risk about money. They know the ultimate value of money. So, they never waist money. click this link for what is my rashi according to my date of birth.

          Love and marriage – Venus is the lord of Virsha. It provides much love, music, art, cinema etc. Taurians       prefer art and music very much. They have self control. They are faithful in love with deep emotion. They don’t like   quarrels and confusion. They expect a well treatment from their partners. Their marriage life will be good. Men will   get loving wives and ladies get loving husbands. They never hurt their partners. They will look after their partners. 

          Mental state – Vrisha rashi in English is conservative. They are preserving and constant. They have amazing loving power. As they have self-control, they can easily reduce their temper. They are slow but steady. They are very a hard worker. So, they get success in their life.

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