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Tula rashi names
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List Of Tula Rashi Names As Per Its Characteristics

Tula rashi or Libra in English is dated to be born in between September 23 to October 23. It is the seventh of the zodiac signs symbolized by Scales of Justice. The ruling planet of Libra, Venus, it is the planet of beauty and love. Air being the elemental factor of Libra, people belonging to Libra is charming, fair, sincere, loveable and foolishly romantic. There has been a trend to set names according to the zodiac signs. Tula rashi names for both male and female are available. Without knowing the traits of a Libran, it is difficult to set names for babies. Here go the details of Libra.

Traits Of Libran

Holding the symbol of scales of justice, Libra epitomizes balance and equilibrium. This denotes that people bearing this sign are ready to maintain fairness and restore back things to original positions. Venus being the ruling planet of Libra, it is directed by the symbols of love, beauty, and luxury. Venusian energy adds more charm and embellishment with its Midas like touch from food to fashion. There are tendencies of people getting easily swayed away by Librans. Their eloquence, pleasant demeanor encompassed by their oratory in wide range of topics make them attract the crowd. Libras are not the ones to live alone. They are good when paired up because they epitomize harmony and a sense of fair play. Their strengths are their use of tact, finesses and their ability to take up responsibility. Although they day dream, yet they are a vivid day dreamer. They strive for quality relationships over quantity, and are ready to give their 100% in any kind of relationship. Coming to their weakness, this sun sign gives much importance to their ego. In case if the ego is not wiped out, they can be driven by others. These characteristics will decide appropriate Tula rashi names both for boys and girls. Click here to know your Rashi name by date of birth Calculator.

Tula Rashi Names For Boys (Hindu)

There are a variety of Tula rashi names for boys that gels with their personal features. The names are: Rushal (responsible), Reyaanash (a part of Lord Vishnu), Ruthva (speech), Reiyaanth (Vishnu’s avatar), Rithvik (priest), Riddhsi (lord Ganesha), Ritansh (brave and courageous), Rakashit (protected), Rudrankush (holy grass of lord Shiva), Rishva (elevated, high spirited, sublime, epithet of several deities), Reshu (purity of soul), Ribhav (an intensely growing ray of the sun), Rinnav (truth), Reniksha (rebirth or renaissance), Rudraneel (Lord Shiva), Renith (victory), Rithvik (priest), etc. All these names,somehow or the other, are interlinked with the personality of Libran. It is hoped that these names, if used for your son will make him succeed in life. Click here to know your Rashi according to date of birth Calculator.

Tula Rashi Names For Girls (Hindu)

Check into the different names suited for Librans that you can use for your daughter. Here it goes: Roshika (never forgotten by people), Rajvee (princess), Rudrakshi (lord shiva), Rituja (produced by seasons), Ritakshi (brave), Rupanshi (creeper of beauty), Rajashree (king), Raashi (collection), Rithshikha (lord of truth), Rimmsha (flowers), Raavee (awesome), Rakshana (the act of protecting or keeping an eye), Riddhimma (full of love), Ridhdhi (fortunate), Rushika (born with blessings of lord Shiva), Rashvi (a collection of wealth), Raisha (a young gazelle), Ruthra (mightiest of the mighty), and many more.

How Will These Names Affect Your Kids In Life?

All these names, both for boys and girls are linked up with the zodiac sign Libra. These names are sure to make them good human beings. They are hoped to be much more poised than any other sun sign bearer. They will be able to maintain a good balance between mind, body and soul and will possess a tendency to carry out each work with harmony and tranquility. Career will be their main focus. And they can work quite hard to gain name and fame in their career. As a person, they tend to be jovial carefree and fun loving, which means, they are more of a socialite than being social isolates. They are noticed to have been active in social world both in virtual and real. A philosophical take of their minds allow them to think deep and explore about any topics and are fearless of droop down in to the abyss. Librans possess an extra quality of courage and bravery that makes them unstoppable by any kind of force. Therefore, the Tula rashi names do work wonders as kids grow up.

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