Simha rashi in English

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Simha rashi in English
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Effectual Results Of Simha Rashi

The Sanskrit name of Singha rashi is Simha. The Simha rashi in English is also known as Leo. The meaning of this rashi is lion. It is the 5th sign of zodiac. The people of this sign have tall height, powerful nature and wide chest. The people who have this sign are very charming and impressive personality. They have high leadership quality. They have commanding personality. This rashi includes charans of Poorva, Uttara Phalguni, and Magha. They have the power of attraction. Generally, they have reddish complexion. Their occupations are police service, military and administrative service. They always provide the best leadership. They have high power and enough knowledge.

Features Of Simha Rashi:-

They have beautiful eyes, big nose, strong bones etc. They have very dominating nature. These people are high ambitious. They have clean heart. Generally, they get few outcomes of their deeds. But they never get disappointed. They are very adventurous. They love to travel. Mainly they prefer hills. They like fast vehicles. They achieve success very late like above 30 yrs of age. Most of the people have small families. They have high voice. They are independent, violent, jealous and strong-willed. They are very rough toward their co-workers. They want a good life always. They want to taste yummy foods. They are very loyal to their loved ones. click this link to see other Rashi name by date of birth Calculator

Leos are the strongest sign of the zodiac. They like their name. Their lifestyles are amazing. They have amazing creativities of their lives. They are independent as well as dominating. Generally, Leos have brave heart and positive thinking capabilities. They have high confidence and ambition. They know what they will get from any situation. They know how to spend the life properly. They are very much enthusiastic and energetic. They are also very careful about their partners. They love their partner very much. Sometimes they want to make joyful incidents. They have no attitude. They have very logical nature and charming. They have good balance capacity between their personal and professional life. click here for Rashi according to date of birth

Some vital features are,
1.  Birth stone- The people who have Leo rashi must need to wear Ruby.
2.  Birth color- For Leo rashi yellow and golden color is very beneficial.
3.  Lucky numbers- The lucky numbers of the Leo rashi is 28, 1, 13, 19, 22, 4, 10.
4.  Best sign for partner- If you have Leo rashi, you should choose the partner who have Aquarius sign.
5.  Symbol- Symbol of the Simha rashi in English is Lion.
6.  Symbol meaning- This symbol indicates daring, commanding attitude.

Characteristics Of Simha Rashi:-

1. Finance and fortune- Leonians have good fortune. They have enough resources. They have enough source of money. They save money for future purpose. Due to age, their working capability will be reduced. So, they are working hard at younger age. Generally, they are born as rulers. Their financial condition is very good.

2. Mental state- The Simha rashi in English has impulsive, determined nature. They have high ambition and consciousness. They prefer art, music and cheerful situation. They have high power.

3. Love and marriage- Leonians prefer much love, music, art, cinema etc. Taurians prefer art and music very much. They have self control. They are faithful in love with deep emotion. They don’t like quarrels and confusion. They expect a well treatment from their partners. Their marriage life will be good. Men will get loving wives and ladies get loving husbands. They never hurt their partners. They will look after their partners.

4. Health- Leonians are very serious about their health. They always keep a proper and impressive health. If they fall ill, they try to recover from illness. They have heart, spinal column, bone, fibre, muscles problem. As Jupiter stands in Leo, it protects from ay surgical operations. It avoids drinks, beverages etc. Click this link for What is my rashi according to my date of birth

5. Profession- Leonians are very lucky. Most of the Leonians woks as political leader and administrative workers. Generally, they spend their life with a great financial success. Not only financial but also they have social success. They don’t hurt anyone. These people are very popular. Most of the people have chemists, transport, navy, electrical engineers and painter’s professions. Sometimes, they can be the musician, architects, writers and salesman etc.

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