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Rohini Nakshatra
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Importance Of Rohini Nakshatra In Hindu Mythology


The rohini nakshatra is the 4th nakshatra of the zodiac and ruled by the planet moon. Generally, Rohini is the daughter of the Prajapathi Daksha and Prasuti. It is the true nakshatra of Lord Krishna. The symbol of this nakshatra is a cart drawn by cows. It is located in Taurus from 10 degrees to 23:20. The Devata is the Brahma. He is the maker of all living things, the beauty of the strange etc. According to the Hindu Mythology, Rohini is the Chandra’s wife. Between all wives Chandra loves Rohini very much. The people who have Rohini nakshatra prefer a unique dress, perfume, articles of toilet etc. Rohini is the reason of food. The people who have this nakshatra can achieve their goals easily. They have creativity, art and luxury. Also, these people have a strong family. 

Most of the people have bright and sweet speech. They believe in different religion and respect them. They perform every job efficiently. The important thing is that they are truthful. They help those who help them. They respect Brahmins and gods. They know the value of science and images. They are always acting as servant of their lord. They are determined. They are very good looking. They are loved by their kids very much. Also, their children respect them. They earn money as well as respect. They have the wish to wear stylish clothes, love to travel. Generally, they are suffering from eye viruses. click here for rashi according to date of birth calculator

 Features Of Rohini Nakshatra:-

Health – Most of the people is prone to diseases with jaundice, blood cancer, respiratory problem, blood sugar, paralysis, and tuberculosis and throat problem. Women will suffer from breast cancer, leg pain, feet pain, pimples and throat problem.

Physical feature – The people who have rohini nakshatra, have beautiful eyes. They have a unique magic in their yes. Basically, they are slim in figure. Most of the people are fatty and short. They have big shoulder as well as strong muscles. Their presence is very charming. Everyone wants their appearance very much. click here for rashi name by date of birth

Family – The people who have rohini nakshatra cannot get the benefit from their father. They are attached with their mother. Also, they love their maternal uncle, aunt. Their married life will be not good. There will be disturbances. They will not hesitate to go any social gatherings. Wives support their husbands.

Character – These people are short tempered. When they get angry, nobody can change his decision. Also, their anger will not go easily. If anyone tries to disrespect their decision, they will extremely adamant. They are always tried to find other faults instead of their own. Basically, they cannot work with the fixed aim. They always listen the heart instead of using their brain. They are always ready to do anything for their loved ones. In that case, theycan also hate their loved ones for the proper reason. Theyaccepttheir fault easily as well as the truth. As they have no pre-plans, they will have many ups and downs in their life. Theyare determining to do any work today. They are no waiting for tomorrow. They will get a great success in his life. click here for what is my rashi according to my date of birth

Profession and education – They are very sincere about their work and responsibility. But they have no patience. Their success path will be tough. So, they need to be more concentrative. Their freedom mind often leads him down. They will prosper in chemical engineering, milk products and sugarcane etc. Also, they are best in mechanical department.  At the age of 18-36 yrs, they will face a lot of problems. This age period is very difficult for them. They will face socially, economically and health related problem. They will enjoy the best part of their life after 38 yrs of age. The main drawback is they believe any person easily. Sometimes, they will be over confident.  It is not beneficial for them.

Positive features – Their positive aspects are attractive, truthful, good communicator, strong life, moral orientation, well education, responsible and comforting. Their appearance is awesome.

Career interest – The people who have rohini nakshatra, have interest in agriculture, police, restaurant, hotel business, real estate, authority position, models, fashion designers and musicians etc.

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