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Meen rashi in English
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A–Z Of Pisces – Detailed Study Of  The Zodiac Sign

A person’s behavior is largely ruled by the zodiac sign in which he or she belongs. You might find some people bearing similar characteristics. This is only because they share the same zodiac sign. One such significant planetary symbol, Pisces, dating from February 19 to March 20, comprises the element of water, possess a mutable quality and Neptune and Venus are the ruling planets. Meen rashi in English, which is none but the unpredictable Pisces, shares a good compatibility with Virgo and Taurus. Generally, Pisceans are noticed to be born on Thursdays. Here goes a detailed analysis of the Pisceans.       

Characteristic Traits of Pisces

Pisceans or Meen Rashi in English are said to be compassionate, artistic, intuitive, soft, wise and musical. Their weaknesses count to being fearful, overly trusting, sad, having a desire to escape reality, can be a victim or turn out just the opposite to be a martyr. Pisceans staunchly dislike the know-it-all attitude, being criticized, meeting with the past issues, and brutality or savagery of any kind. In generally, Pisceans are noticed to be quite amicable when they are in a company of friends or family. Even if they are not much acquainted with any person or group, they require a fraction of a second to befriend them and spend a whole day. Being a complete epitome of selflessness, people belonging to Pisces are ever ready to help others without expecting anything in return. Since its symbol is water, this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy and emotional capacity. Their intuitiveness is because of Neptune being the ruling planet. This imbibes in them a taste for art and music. Pisces are famous for their wisdom and extremely high tolerance level. They are never judgmental and ever forgiving. click the links to see your Rashi by date of birth calculator

Love Life For Pisces

Deep down their hearts, Pisceans are a thorough romantic. Getting hold of a Piscean as partner is a lucky thing because they tend to be immensely loyal, generous and unconditional to their partners. They are passionate lovers, always in need of someone who can embrace them with the gentle hands of security and protection. Short-term relationships and flirty flings are not their cup of tea. They are specific about their demands to their mates rather than getting aggressive. A fairy tale love affair is all you aspire for. click here for Rashi name by date of birth calculator.

Friends Zone and Family Life

Having a Piscean best friend means you are lucky enough. They make the best of friends often by putting forth the friend’s needs prior to his or her own needs. Loyalty, compassion, devotion are ingrained in them and gushes out once they notice occurrence of any problem both in their family among the friends group. They will do as much as possible to resolve all issues without paying any heed to their own benefit. A sixth sense works within them and with this feature they can sense ill situations before its arrival. Pisces are expressive and does not hesitate to reveal their thoughts and feelings to the people surrounding them. Also, they expect their near and dear ones to be equally free to them.

 Career And Monetary Matters

Imaginative and intuitive, Pisceans thrive most in places where they can nurture their creative skills. Professions that suit Pisceans are being an attorney, architect, veterinarian, musician, and social worker and game designer. To bring changes in life, they can compassionate, hard-working, dedicated and focused. Generally, Pisceans do not run after money. Regarding this statement, there can be two chances – one, they might be spendthrift without giving a thought and the other, they can be miser. But, at the end of the day, they’ll be happy with their income. Click here for Rashi according to date of birth calculator.

How to Attract Piscean Men And Women?

Piscean men are easy to please only if you open up. Basically, men belonging to Pisces are highly romantic. Being sensitive, they will figure out what your needs are by the slightest hint and then serve you accordingly? He will go far to use his wild imagination to please you physically. One of the best ways to grab their attention is to understand their inner emotional struggle which is latent on the outside, and try to sooth it.

Coming to Piscean women, you need to be a good listener, romantic and humorous. Once you have come under her notice a woman of Meen Rashi in English or a Piscean, be quick to open up. They enjoy discussing about spiritual and supernatural things. But if she is wounded emotionally in the past, it will be very difficult for her to open up again for a second relationship.

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