Kumbha Rasi in English

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Kumbha Rasi in English
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How TheRasi Plays A Significant Role In Individual’s Life?

Rashi plays a very vital role in our life. There are two rashis- the moon sign and the sun sign. Vedic astrology believes in the moon sign to determine the horoscope. The sun sign is being use by the western astrology. The moon sign denotes the position of the moon at the time of the birth. Based on this position the sign is being determined. The sign in the first house is known as the Lagna. Lagna tells about the person and the moon sign or the rashi speaks about the mind of the person. Thus this point of difference tells a lot about any individual.



Details of the kumbha rashi

Among the twelve rashis, kumbha is one of the rashi. Kumbha rasi in English is termed as the Aquarius where people are tall and stature. Mainly they are having clear complexion, oval face, handsome appearance, hair with brown shade and fleshy face. The individuals born under this sign is very intellectual and is concerned about their facts. They are intelligent and have good memory to work with great concentration. They have a quality of readings others mind and are reserved types. Solitude is being preferred by them. They are kind, humane and        inventive too.

The personality and mentality of the people belonging to this rashi

Kumbha rashi people have their own speciality with doing everything with morality and humanity. Most of them are quite and serious which makes them thoughtful. Friends are uncountable but among them they prefer few of them and like to be near them. The Aquarius people are hard workers, can catch up quickly, concern about the surrounding and also witty enough. They have the power of thinking new ideas and have a discrete thinking process. One another hand they are quite stubborn in their own belief but cannot be fooled on their stubbornness. They like to play the act themselves than to preach to others.

The Aquarius people are fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. They are attached as well as detached with the family. Thus this indicates that they are not involved in anything. The main preference of this individual about their partner is being educated and equally intelligent. They don’t like to be dominant over the partner and have a strong romantic attachment with partner. But in case the partner is not matching with them, the Aquarius individual will leave the relationship without explaining any kind of reason for the leave. Thus they are trustworthy, honest, and dutiful and care for peace and happiness. Do you want to know? what is my rashi according to my date of birth

Being sympathetic and humane natured people, they love to be social. Well furnished room with the modern amenities sis their desire in the domestic place. They like the clean and tidy environment. Some of them may have the habit of collection of antiques in their homes. Being lively in nature they love invite friends to home. They can be a good business partner. Among many friends they are near to some of them while keep distance with few friends. Though they themselves are quite in nature, yet they love to invite people to their house and enjoy the time.

Get concern about the health to be fit and fine

Aquarius, Kumbharasi in English, is the sign where people suffer from infectious diseases. They are the one who cannot withstand the cold and suffer from flu. They can also suffer from blood pressure, heart troubles, swelling of legs, throat problem, and eye and ear problem. But the health issue is also related with the planets too. If the disease is caused due to the placement of the moon, then a minor treatment can cure it. But in case it is caused by other planets, the disease may cause fatal result. So, proper treatment is essential for them to be healthy. click here to see your Rashi according to date of birth calculator

Lucky charms of the kumbha rashi

Being a scientist or any good positive at office can be best for the Aquarius, kumbha rasi in English.   Besides a lecturer, or astrologer or a legal or financial advisor can e best for these individual. Mine contractor or dealer in ship and export import can be best one to choose.

Monday Thursday, Tuesday and Friday are the lucky days and prefer the yellow, red, white and cream colours for being lucky. 3,9,2 and 7 are the lucky number and try to do anything on such dates. Consult the required gemstone from any astrologer.click here to see Rashi name by date of birth.

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