Krittika Nakshatra

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Krittika Nakshatra
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Major Role Of Krittika Nakshatra In Astrology

The Krittika nakshatra is the root source of solar energy. This nakshatra is represented by 7 stars. It is located in Taurus from 10.00 degrees. It is also located in Aries from 26.40 degrees. As it is marked by 7 stars, it is also known as Pleadius. It also provides power. It is very vital nakshatra. Indian astrologers consider this nakshatra as a significant nakshatra. This nakshatra is ruled by the god of fire or ‘Agni’. It stores the passive agent that provides natural power. It indicates ‘Cutters’. As a cutting power, this nakshatra represents constructions as well as destructions of human power.

The Sanskrit name of this nakshatra is ‘Critical’. The Krittika nakshatra has beneficial characteristics of inquiries. This nakshatra helps you recognize the reason for deficiency. This nakshatra is the leading the nakshatra. The people who have this nakshatra will get various benefits. This nakshatra is prone to reflect the dominating authority of ‘Agni’. If you have Krittika nakshatra, you will get a fiery energetic aspect that is completely straightforward. Most of the people have blunt manners. This nakshatra is very elegant.  This nakshatra is an essential for life. It is used for warmth and cooking. The people, who have Krittika nakshatra, will prosper in their life. click here for What is my rashi according to my date of birth

Features Of Krittika Nakshatra:-

Health – The people who have Krittika nakshatra, don’t have proper food habit. They don’t follow the systematic food chart. They are prone to dental problem, eye problem, brain problem. These people have very poor eyesight. Also, they suffer from wind and piles, malaria or cerebral meningitis etc. They don’t get fear from any health disease. Also, they don’t take care of their health.

Family – These people will get happy married life. They are very lucky. Men will get the best wives who will be expert in all household works. Men will suffer from their wives health. There may be a problem between couple’s family. In that case, most of the people will get the satisfaction life after marriage or before marriage. They will get the ultimate peace.  These people are attached to their mother. They will get more love and favor from their mother. Their father will be a well-known and pious man. But, they will be attached with their mother. They need to struggle up to 50 yrs of age. During this time period, they should face a lot of problems. After 50 yrs, they will spend a happy life. Generally, these people will prefer love here for Rashi by date of birth

Physical feature – These people have sympathetic eyes, thick neck and prominent nose. Also, they have thick stout. Their body is perfect and solid. They have big shoulders and strong muscles and respectful behavior. Their appearance is awesome. They have unique commanding appearance. 

Character – Most of the people are very intelligent. But, they have no proper goals in their life. They easily get bored from one work and change the work type without knowing the advantages and disadvantages. They provide good advice to the every people and help them solve the problems. In their own life, they do whatever they think. They take decisions very fast. They break any friendship if that friendship asks their independency as well as character. Generally, they don’t like to get fame, name as well as money. They are determined to go ahead. They show positive energy and proper nature. But sometime they lack their confidence. They try to recognize their fault sometime. They don’t believe in blind customs. They are also hard working. They provide positive service to the world. But they cannot shine for long term.

Profession – Most of the Krittika born will not stay in motherland. They live in foreign. Their best profession is engineer, doctor, draftsman and government employee. Partnership business is not suitable for them. Also, they can join the trusty department. They will get ultimate benefit from medicine, interior industries. He will get success later.  Most of the women will be musician, artist and teacher. click this link for Rashi name by date of birth

Positive features – Their positive aspects are a good communicator, strong life, moral orientation,attractive, truthful, well educated, responsible and comforting. Their appearance is awesome. They are famous within their group.

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