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Karka Rashi in English
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Importance Of Karka Rashi In Zodiac


The Sanskrit name of the Karkat rashi is Karkataka.  The Karka rashi in English is also known as Cancer. The meaning of this rashi is a crab. It is the water sign as well as 4th sign of the zodiac. The people who have cancer sign are conservative as well as sensitive. They are water lovers. Generally, they are very natural. They are imaginative, energetic as well as lovable. This sign contains charans of full Pushya, Punarvasu and full Ashlesha Nakshatras. The people love the natural scenery. They are love to roaming as well as traveling. They have round face; long organs of the body, upper jaws are big. They are fearless and straightforward.

Aspects Of Karkat Rashi:-

They love their partners very much. They are inventive and get hurt easily. They are not emotional and sentimental. They are working slowly. They have inherited property. They love to live highly and prefer luxurious. They love music, acting, fine arts etc. They have one serious problem which is gastric. They are easily fall sick. Their bones are soft. Their major problem is lung and chest infections. Generally, they have scar, mole on the left side of the body. They are very loving and careful with their partners. They know the value of the different relationship. They love their family. They are providing every comfort to their loved ones. They enjoy their surroundings and social company. Click here for what is my rashi according to my date of birth calculator.

One of the important aspects of Cancer is soothing and caring. They help every people. They try to avoid conflicts. They have self control capability. They assure their safety first when they face any conflict. One of the strong qualities of the cancer born is persistent determination. They have various goals and desires. They manage their works efficiently. They also take care of their co-workers and maintain a family like relation. Cancers are quite dominating. Most of the cancer-borns are loyal and dedicated to their love, friends and families. They will get excellent partners and children.

Other features are

Birth stone- The birth stones of cancer are green and jade Onyx, Emerald etc.

Birth color- The people who have Karkat rashi in English must need to use silver, puce and light blue color.

Lucky numbers- The lucky numbers are 25, 7, 11, 20, 16 and 2.

Best sign for partners- The people who have cancer sign should choose the This will be perfect match.

Qualities- They has versatility, kindness, sociability, adaptability, tenacity and maternity etc.

Characteristics Of Karkat Rashi:-

 Finance – The cancerians are very concentrative about their money. They are very honest. They don’t prefer any dishonesty and also extravagant. Generally, Jupiter is glorious in this sign. So, they will get high wealth. They are very hard working. The finance fortune is superb.

Love and marriage – The Karkat rashi in English have monotonous life. They love but they cannot express their love. They cannot express their loyalty and sincerity to their partners. They are true. They are very fickle minded and changeable. They want a settled family. Generally, they love their family, friends and also special one. They will good parents for their children. They will sacrifice their own needs. They provide all comforts and the best education to their children. Click this link for Rashi name by date of birth 

Professions – Generally, cancerians have commercial career. They love to catch fish, pearl from water. They will get a job in shipping departments, transport, navy, travel etc. They can be the orators, contractor, restaurant managers etc. They are also interested in Vedic texts. Cancerians avoid sensitiveness. They have patient and changeability power. They avoid lazy, anxious, inferiority complex etc. Sometime they are extremely selfish.

Mental state – Cancerians is changeable. They love to travel whole world. They love to discover new things. They know how to balance their personal as well as professional life. They are emotional, sensitive, sentimental and sympathetic. Their anger comes quickly and also goes easily. Their character is diplomatic.

Children – Generally, cancerians have limited children. Their children will take care properly. They get help at the old age. Also, they love their children very much. Their children will polite, moderate, loving and submissive etc. As a parent, they provide the proper education and comfort. click this link for Rashi by date of birth

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