Everything about Rashi for marriage

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Everything about Rashi for marriage
By Gemstone Universe In Posted September 14, 2016 0 Comments
rashi-for-marriageRashi by date of birth is a cosmic map that comprises of the position of Shukra, Rahu, Surya, Shani, Chandra, Guru, Mangal and Ketu based on the time of your birth. This tells you about upcoming series of events in your life and especially everything about Rashi for marriage. It is a vast subject matter that needs a careful and serious study by those interested in it. People who excel in this topic of study and become professionals are referred to as astrologers. Once a person gets awareness about this science, it becomes easy for him to help you in dealing with various issues in life. Therefore we recommend most people who are interested should take to it and help as many people as possible. Creating awareness will help most of the general population resolve numerous problems of their lives. We face several issues in different walks of our lives like education, profession, marriage, business, health, relations, family, friends, financial etc. The list is never ending. Nevertheless in this article we will specifically be dealing with everything about Rashi for marriage as we see most of them facing tremendous issues in their personal life. We are here to make you understand problems that you are facing and you may face in future and help you get over them completely. A birth chart often known as Kundali is prepared at the time of birth and for those of you who do not have; we help you prepare your Kundali. All you have to know is your date of birth, time of birth, day of birth and Rashi.
The most important element in the Rashi that affects the relationship status of a person is his gunas or otherwise known as qualities. During the time of marriage your gunas are matched with the gunas of your opposite partner to check the compatibility of your relationship. According to the Vedic science it is said and believed that there are totally thirty six kinds of gunas and for one to do well in his family life at least there should be a match of 18 qualities. This process tells everything about your Rashi for marriage and helps you get an insight into your future family life with the help of Rashi by birth date.  If there is no compatibility found between the two persons then there are simple remedies recommended by our astrologers who help you fix these minor and major issues in your Rashi. These astrologers will give you a detailed description about Rashi for marriage and recommend the best match for you. If the Shukra, Rahu, Surya, Shani, Chandra, Guru, Mangal and Ketu have taken wrong positions in your Kundali due to which your marriage life is seeing a lot of problems then we perform simple pujas to correct all or any one of them. Sometimes wearing you’re lucky stones based on your Rashis can perfect your lives. It depends on case to case basis, what may be suitable to one may turn out to be of ill luck to the other. Therefore it is recommended that one should not try these techniques without consulting senior astrologers. Appropriately implying solutions suggested by these professional astrologers will bring you a happy and peaceful life. You can now turn your dreams into a reality. This is something that you would have ever desired to for.  If there is a mess that you are facing in your marriage then we tell you everything about Rashi for marriage. You can lead a wealthy, healthy, happy and prosperous life by simply getting in touch with is. We give an absolute end to all your problems. This Vedic science related to Rashi by date of birth is a special boon to humanity that can change their lives for good. Try this and spread awareness about it to more people so that it brings a drastic difference in their relationships too.

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