Dhanu rashi in English

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Dhanu rashi in English
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The Significance Of The Rashis In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the rashi plays a very important role. It is responsible to determine the characteristic of a person. The position of the moon at the time of the birth determines the moon sign. This is totally different from the sun signs which are being determined by the position of the sun during birth. According to the Vedic astrology the moon sign is being used for the Kundali determination. It is being also called the Mann or the mind of the individual.

In our Indian astrology, there are all total 12 rashis. Each of this rashis is spread to 30 degrees to another house. Usually the sign of the first house is known as the Lagna. Lagna tells about the person and moon tells about the horoscope.



All about the Dhanu rashi

In the 12 rashis, Dhanu is the one of the rashi. The term Sagittarius is being given to the Dhanu rashi in English. Dhanu rashi has its own interest and characteristics. It is very easy to tell about the physical appearance, mentality and the personality of the individual. Here we describes the Dhanu rashi individual and know about them.

The individual of the Dhanu rashi are of charming appearance. Mainly they have oval or long face structure. A well maintained and defined structure body is their pride. Overall they are quite handsome with clear complexion and blue or hazel eyes. More or less they are tall and slender who are fond of exercise and keeping themselves fit. They own a large forehead with the long nose and bright face. Dhanu rashi in English is Sagittarius which also tells about these physical appearances of the individual. click here for free Rashi name by date of birth

How the individual of Dhanu rashi at heart?

While facing their mentality, they are very good at heart and are cheerful enough to be free and frank in life. Though they may be greedy sometimes yet they are charitable too. Generous and friendly nature of the individual always helps them to become aspiring and ambitious. Sagittarius individual are in born blessed with enthusiasm, vitality and energy. They don’t feel lethargic to do any task. At the time of hardship they are blessed with position opinion and act their bests.According to their nature, it is best to choose the career among the religion, law, medicine or philosophy field. They will shine brightly in these fields. Travelling and going out for nay voyage is their passion thus enjoying life with impulsiveness? Lastly they love to participate in outdoor sports and concern about exercise.

Financial side of the Dhanu rashi

Concerning about the finance Sagittarians are lovers to be their own boss. They prefer to do free work on their hands. Most of them have gain the luck without much pain. Facing the adverse situation with the most positive attitude they can come out of any trouble without any hindrances. Even they are happy in their married life. Their friendly nature and the sense of wit make them the favourite to their near ones. Loved by wife and relatives, they are the one who can take care of children too as they ages. click the link to Rashi according to date of birth

Health problems like bone fracture, hip problems, out, rheumatic or even diabetics may cause. The disease pattern can also differ with the placement of the different other planets. It is also being affected by them. On a whole, otherwise they are free of any health issue.

Negative traits of the Dhanu rashi people

Even after having such positive traits, Sagittarians need to correct some of their behavioural traits. Hating relatives is a bad side which needs to be corrected. Insulting or hurting anyone with the illogical speech can bring in problem. So this must be avoided. Being a free individual, outdoor activities are of first priority. But caring for family should also be taken care off. Disturbing others unnecessarily should be avoided.

Sagittarians, Dhanu rashi in English can be good professor, teacher, public speaker, bank employees. If Jupiter is having a good position, then politics can be a good option or profession. On other hand, editing and publishing can be good for them. click here to see your Rashi by date of birth

To do anything good choose, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays. Other than these days can bring in some issue. Lucky numbers are 6,3,5,8 lucky colours are the white, green, and emerald. Red should be avoided by them. The birth gemstone is not enough for good traits. Consult any astrologer for the gemstone solution.

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