Being an Aquarius

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Being an Aquarius
By Gemstoneuniverse In horoscope Posted September 12, 2016 0 Comments

Rashi Aquarius SymbolRashis are the zodiac signs commonly referred to as moon sign are divided into twelve different and equal portions. Aquarius is the rashi about which we are particularly going to know about in this blog. Rashis are distinctly categorised depending upon your date of birth and other associated details like kundali by date of birth, rashifal by date of birth and rashi according to name. There are twelve different rashis or zodiac signs namely Aries (Maish), Taurus (Vrish), Gemini (Mithun), Cancer (Kark), Leo (Singh), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Tulya), Scorpio (Vrishchik ), Saggitarius (Dhanu), Capricorn (Makar), Aquarius (Kumbh) and Pisces (Meen). The ruling planet for Aquarius is Shani or Saturn. Likewise all these above rashis have their respective ruling planets and different characteristics.  We can specifically understand more about ourselves by knowing our Rashi by date of birth, kundali by date of birth, rashifal by date of birth and rashi according to date of birth. The uchchagraha also known as exalted planet for Aquarius –Kumbhrashi is Mangal –Mars and the neechgraha also known as debilitated planet is Guru – Jupiter. Different people have different nature and we are here to help you get an insight into yourself and improve in various walks of life. People that are born in between the time period of January 21st – February 18th fall under the category of Aquarians. Contact us to know your daily rashifal and have a very happy and blissful day ahead. Every persons nature and qualities depends on the following list of things namely rashi by date of birth, kundali by date of birth, rashifal by date of birth and Rashi name by date of birth. Neelam or amethyst is the lucky stone or rashis tone for those born in this month. It is said and believed that if you wear this stone, you can see the kind of positive aura it creates around you and brings you good luck and great fortune.

Here our astrologers are professionals in this stream and can give you a detailed description on every single thing based on your rashi by date of birth, kundali by date of birth, rashifal by date of birth and rashi according to date of birth. Aquarians are very open with their family members more that they are found to be with their friends. Their family life basically is smooth and they don’t face many problems when it comes to dealing with matters at home. On the contrary they face many problems in dealing with their friends as they are mostly introverts but nevertheless we are here to help you by offering to simple remedies to conquer the world around you. In terms of business and your professional life wearing an amethyst stone will change your fortune. If you are going to incur a loss today then wearing Neelam will do wonders for you. They are mentally strong people and for this reason they are found to be intelligent and smart which is also known through Rashi by date of birth. Facing health related issues is common within your category of people and this sometimes holds you back from performing your daily endeavours with utmost perfection. However by consulting us, you may find appropriate and accurate solutions to solve your issues. This zodiac sign is indicated using a water bearer mark and possess all Kumbhalagna characteristics. You are known to be doing well in your personal life. So relax, this is something that you need not really worry about. Some minor hitches here and there can be resolved by healthy discussions as you tend to be more intelligent people on earth.  You mostly see downfalls in your life because you trust people very easily. Being careful about knowing whom should you rely on will help to raise yourself very quickly.

Now that you have more or less understood about your strengths and weaknesses, it is time for you to utilize your strengths and convert your weaknesses into your strengths. Please feel free to contact us and know more about yourself and solve all your minor and major issues. This way you can change your life for good and lead a happy, wealthy, healthy and a prosperous life.

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