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Ashwini Nakshatra
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Essential Features Of Ashwini Nakshatra

The Ashwini nakshatra is also known as Asvayuj or ‘she who yokes horses’. It is located in Aries from 00.00-13.20 degrees. This nakshatra indicates positive energies as well as the inauguration of ‘Ketu’. This is represented by a couple of cheerful stars in the Aries. This nakshatra is converted as ‘Horse Lady’ or ‘Born of a Female Horse’. This star provides alternative results. This is represented by the horse head. This reflects a journey of lady. They perform every job efficiently. The important thing is that they are truthful. Generally, horse is the symbol of strength, power and courage. The Ashwini born is very powerful. Ashwini is the symbolic of horse head. This head dedicates a swift action. 

The lord of Ashwini is ‘ketu’. This nakshatra reflects the dynamism. These people are very helpful. They provide advice to every person. They have patience and they keep this at the greatest time. These people will be the best advisor. Most of the people have bright and sweet speech. They believe in different religion and respect them. They help those who help them. They respect Brahmins and gods. They know the value of science and metaphors. They are fearless. They take their own time to do the work. These people have well thought and slow actions. Without knowing the benefits and cons, they don’t jump on any matter. They are not easily influenced. Once they take an action, they will complete this properly. They will stick to his promise. He has much interest in music and game. They need to struggle up to 30 yrs of age. They face many difficulties. But, they know how to stay steady and calm. The people, who have Ashwini nakshatra, will prosper in their life. Click here for Rashi name by date of birth

Features Of Ashwini Nakshatra:-

Family – The people who have Ashwini nakshatra, love this family very much. Sometimes, they are also hatred by their own family members. They are showing rude behavior sometime. They are neglected by their father. They are getting help from their uncle. They will get maximum benefits from the outsider.

Health – Most of the people is prone to diseases with mental worry, anxiety, respiratory problem, brain disorder, paralysis, and vehicle accident and throat problem. Women will suffer from breast cancer, leg pain, feet pain, pimples and throat problem. Click here for What is my rashi according to my date of birth

Profession – After 50 yrs they don’t work. They will quite the job or seek retirement. They are improving their wealth during 50 yrs. They don’t need more money. They will do social works later. They prefer administrative jobs. At the age of 18-36 yrs, they will face a lot of problems. This age period is very difficult for them. They will face socially, economically and health related problem.

Physical feature – The people who have Ashwini nakshatra, have beautiful eyes. They have a unique magic in their yes. Their figure is perfect. Most of the people are fatty and short. They have big shoulder as well as strong muscles. Their presence is very charming. Everyone wants their appearance very much. They have little bigger nose.

Character – Most of the people has very good character. These people are short tempered. When they get angry, nobody can change his decision. Also, their anger will not go easily. If anyone tries to disrespect their decision, they will extremely adamant. They are always tried to find other faults instead of their own. Basically, they cannot work with the fixed aim. They always obey their heart instead of using their brain. They are always ready to do anything for their loved ones. In that case, they can also hate their loved ones for the proper reason. They accept their fault easily as well as the truth. As they have no pre-plans, they will have many ups and downs in their life. They are determining to do any work today. They are no waiting for tomorrow. They will get a great success in his life. click here for Rashi according to date of birth

Positive features – Their positive aspects are attractive, truthful, good communicator, strong life, moral orientation, well education, responsible and comforting. Their appearance is awesome.The people who have Ashwini nakshatra, have interest in agriculture, police, restaurant, hotel business, real estate, authority position, models, fashion designers and musicians etc.


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